1 election, 3 quotes and 600 zombies (with sugar on top)

A few quotable epiphanies in the wake of my sugar splurge.

“Some kids don’t get enough calories.”

When asked to clarify her stance that sugar was a “nutrient” and whether sugar was in fact empty calories, the school’s Registered Dietician answered: “Some kids don’t get enough calories.”

True. In sub-Saharan Africa. But in American schools, we are experiencing an obesity epidemic. It’s good to know the ADA-certified person deciding the diets of 4,400 students has such a contextual grasp of the absurd. Some kids don’t get enough Scooby Snacks either.

Here’s the link that explains why.
Note the “partners” section.

“Your mom lets you buy that?”

A few weeks ago, I walked by a neighbor’s house, toting my Sugar Daddy diet of sweetened neon sports drinks and high-carb snack bars. Their three year old looked at me with repulsed incredulity and asked, “Your mom lets you buy that?”

A three year old knows junk food when she sees it. Somehow, a lot of adults don’t. Most of whom should know better. The city school administrators recently reinstated ice cream sales – because they rely on the profits.

No, schools aren’t moms. (Alas.) But they are caregivers. And the ones around here care to not only let you buy it – they’re in the business. You get sprinkles with your diploma.

“I’m just trying to win.”

Ivana Kadija ran on a health platform for school board. She lost. Maybe only 10% of the electorate supports better school nutrition. Or perhaps it had something to do with tactics.

At a poll I (rather publicly) accused another school board candidate of distributing deceptive sample ballots. Her defense: “I’m just trying to win.”

I can imagine the same words coming from the Coca-Colas and the Nestlés of the world. They’re just trying to win. And they do win. My congratulations to all the winners.

Incidentally, only 25% of registered voters voted. I recently produced a Zombie 5K that sported an impressive 600 runners. Relatively speaking, a zombie race might be more popular than a political one. Perhaps our campaign slogan should have been: “Healthy Food for Better Braaaaiiiiiiiiiiiins.”

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